Service Offerings


Neil offers and provides distinctive services grounded on a deep mastery of being a trusted advisor, facilitator, mentor and coach to organisations and individuals.

Trusted Advisor

Neil has developed expertise in earning trust, building relationships and giving advice effectively. His approach, style and value include:



Neil is a respected and very experienced facilitator in the arenas of strategy, problem solving, team development, learning and acting as an independent Chair. His approach, style and value include:


Mentor and Coach

Neil can act as a business mentor and coach on either an individual basis or for organisations. The initial phase is usually about 8 sessions over a 6-month period concluding with the mentee recognising, celebrating and leveraging their strengths and style, complemented by identifying specific areas in which they want to grow and develop. There is then the option of continuing with experiential learning on a monthly basis. These sessions are focussed on interpreting and integrating experience since the last session, discussing business challenges, refreshers on frameworks, tools and techniques and concluding with priority setting for the next period. Sessions are between 1.5 – 2 hours. The primary media is Skype, supplemented with face-to-face in the Wellington area.

Neil’s approach, style and value include: