Symbols & Images


Five symbols and images are at the heart of Rivendell Associates:



From the mythology of J.R.R. Tolkien, Rivendell is a place of deep beauty, structure, history and peace. In the Lord of the Rings, Rivendell was the place where the Fellowship of the Ring was formed. It was the start point from where nine companions, drawn from the various races of Middle Earth, set out on their heroic quest. The image of Rivendell underpins our philosophy as an independent consultancy that recognises the pivotal importance of people. We enter into associations with individual people and organisations that develop into long-term relationships based on integrity, trust and competence.


Brown represents the colour of earth. A rich compost of experience that is full of nutrients to support growth. Brown signifies the solid and dependable foundation of Rivendell Associates.


Green represents the colour of creation; the freshness and vitality of a healthy environment. Green signifies the creative energy of Rivendell Associates.

Apple Tree

Apple Tree



The apple tree contains the colours of brown and green and produces fruit of wisdom for those who choose to pick from this tree. The tree is the result of years of growth and is now in the season of full fruitfulness, confidently standing its ground. The apple tree signifies Rivendell Associates, an independent consultancy grounded in many years of practical experience.




There are three interpretations from the jigsaw symbol:

  1. Problems and challenges so often present as individual pieces of a jig-saw. Like solving a jig-saw puzzle, Rivendell Associates knows where to find and fit together the other pieces to create the big picture.
  2. The 12 specific competency areas for the Principal, Neil Stiles, can be seen as both individual pieces and a composite whole.
  3. Neil, as an individual puzzle piece, works together in teams with other people using diversity to create synergy and high performance.